About Us

We provide an effective security to PC users from all kinds of online and offline threats such as phishing, ransomware and malware. Our vast range of products provides a robust protection to PC and Mobile users across the globe.
Cloud Scanning Platform

Our cloud Scanning platform provides you the facility of multi-engine scanning without affecting the performance of your systems.

Multi Layered Security

Multi-Layered security feature secures your personal information from cyber criminals.

Multi-Engine Scanning

Multi Engine Scanning technology assures the removal of all threats. It detects those harmful threats which are not detected by many.

Quick Scanning

Our user-friendly and quick scanning feature eliminate threats effectively. It provides multi-layered protection from malicious programs.

Why Choose Us

Our vast range of Security products protects your business and home PCs from malware attack.

Automatic Scan Scheduling

This feature allows to choose a scanning time as per your need. You can scan your files daily, weekly or monthly as per your convenience.

Start-up Manager

Start up manager provides you the facility of choosing specific files to scan. This feature works best while downloading email attachments.

Security against Internet Fraud

Watchdog’s Anti-keylogger technology secures your confidential data. It also keeps you protected while using social media.